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We deliver something that makes your life easier with new threat-detection methods that are faster and simple to use. Our new interface is easy to navigate and not full of complicated terms and settings. Our intelligent products protections you from threats silently without affecting your computer performance.
Clearsight Antivirus real-time protection
Comprehensive real-time protection

Clearsight Antivirus’ real-time protection module helps you in your fight against malware / spyware

Clearsight Antivirus S-Guard
Protect your data

S-Guard Protector blocks malicious websites before they are opened using our unique filtering system. Countering Ransomware droppers at its heart!

Clearsight Antivirus easy to use
Easy-to-use and light on system resources

A new patent pending design makes our antivirus’ memory footprint incredibly small


Home Products

Premium security that won't let you down
  • - Trusted antivirus protection for your PCs, smartphones, and tablets
  • - Reliable protection that allows you to browse, bank, and shop safely online with peace of mind
  • - Clearsight Antivirus Internet Security Premium delivers identity and privacy protection all in one package

Business Products

Reliable Business Endpoint Security for your network collaborative dual-engine threat protection for your business
  • - Effective intelligent and collaborative threat protection for network utilising Sophos and Avira Antivirus engines
  • - Clearsight Antivirus products are trusted and will protect your business
  • - A robust cybersecurity platform that defends businesses from malicious threats
  • - Centrally managed to make life easier
  • - Essential trusted endpoint protection you can rely on
  • - Free Installation

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Our Company

A little background of who we are and what are our values and mission

Clearsight Antivirus was founded in 2010 by a group of people with a long background in the software security industry. Our staff have used the experienced gained in other antivirus companies to produce our own unique solutions.

Most users want software security products that keep their computer safe and preferably something they do not even notice until it is needed.

Software piracy is a growing concern for all companies, including us. That is why we wanted to make it simple. Clearsight Antivirus Free, is Free. You download it and you use it. We do not have a hidden agenda there. However if you like the software and you want to support us in our mission to provide you with the best software possible at a price you are comfortable paying, then please consider upgrading to the Premium version.