Protecting your school against cyber threats

Clearsight Antivirus for Education, the easiest to use antivirus provides endpoint security protection for schools around the world. Our easy to use and reliable protection is available to schools at substantially discounted rates. Keeping your PC’s safe from cyber threats.



Educational institutions rely heavily on the latest networking technologies. These technologies make the environment for learning richer for students, but also pose additional risks. As more, departments, and administrators bring more devices to the school, educational organizations have to ensuring schools security, sensitive data, compliance standards are met and adhered to.

Clearsight Antivirus and data protection incorporates an easy to use endpoint, web security, and USB access control to deliver easy-to-use, award-winning solutions that protect administrators, teachers, and students around the world from the effects of ransomware, viruses, spam and spyware. Clearsight Antivirus is committed to making the schools internet usage a safer place and we operate our own SurfGuard to aid this protection


Clearsight Antivirus Business Lite is free for education use.

Clearsight Antivirus Business Lite does not include Multiple Engine protection, Web Protection and Zero-hour Protection, but has Daily Updates, Predefined and Custom On-Demand Scanning.

*The permited use is limited to student owned laptops that are not networked to the campas for any perioud of time.

We offer extremely competative discounts for Education organisations.